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Nichola's sculptures have been formed over many years of experimental work with various mediums. In the beginning Nichola achieved a bachelor of visual arts and majored in sculpture her work was primarily metalwork using sheet metal. She spent time rummaging through industrial sites and there metal bins which she used for her sculptures.


The sculptures were triffid like creatures from the future plants crossed with creatures. The idea being that the environment was overwhelmed by the effects of rubbish and pollution and the natural habitat of plants and creatures had merged with trash and evolved into triffid like creatures that rule the earth able to withstand climate change and adapt their DNA structure to survive in pollution.


Her first exhibition was called in Nanna's garden and consisted of 72 sculptures .


From her metal faze her sculptures changed. The years working in disability allowed her to experiment with different mediums and items. Over the years upcycled materials became a passion to lower costs to her programs. Due to limited budgets within the all abilities sector this has created a treasure trove of knowledge on the use of recycled materials plus contributing to her style of work in the present day.

“Flora and fauna have always been something that I’ve studied closely I am continually inquisitive and inspired by. Nature is the back bone to my sculptures“ – Nichola Clarke 

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