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"Following the milky way" is a project Nichola would like to work with your community. It’s about the every day milk bottle and the journey each milk bottle takes.


Nichola wants to change people's relationships with recycling the milk bottle.


Milk bottles look much the same and are generally made from the same plastic, white, opaque with a handle and stickers.


To change people's habits Nichola has taken the average milk bottle and turned it into a flower thus making every milk bottle unique like ourselves. Once the community make the first cut of a milk bottle and start the process of sculpting a flower their relationship with the milk bottle changes. Re-sculpting the mind set of the participating person.

Solar lights are attached to the flowers to enchant the audience and add shadow effect to the installation. Flowers are individually mounted on poles. Lights are attached to the flower. The poles add height to the flowers thus stand at a height that the audience can view up close and easily. Flowers are placed in a maze fashion so the installation becomes interactive at night or by day. Under the Milky Way, at night – following the milk way installation.

This project creates discussions about environmental effects caused through plastic pollution. Where does it go? Into land fill, rivers waterways and ends up in our oceans.

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